Motivational Weight Loss Tips For 2016

How important motivation is, when it comes to weight loss? Indeed, very, very important. In fact, motivation is one great factor that determines whether or not you will succeed in your goals!

The need to slim down and reach a healthy weight is felt by almost every other person with weight gain, however, not every person tends to be motivated when it comes to cutting the excess pounds.

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In many instances, motivation is not just enough to shed down and get skinny! At times, internal issues like hormonal imbalance or a slow metabolism hinders your way to a slimmer body. Besides, there are many mistakes that are commonly done by people willing to lose weight.

These mistakes, may apparently seem minor, however are way more serious than you may even think!

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Some common weight loss mistakes are:

  • drink waterLow intake of water: The very first and common mistake made by the majority is low intake of water. Remember, water is the biggest weapon against excessive weight! According to studies, people who take more water have lower tendencies of gaining weight than the ones who take less. Water, does not just keeps our body hydrated, however, is also proven to expedite a slow metabolism.Research suggests that water can speed up a metabolism by up to 30%. A speedy metabolism then helps in the speedy burning of calories!

  • Consuming more protein: Indeed, our body needs protein for all good reasons. However, excess of this vital hormone can turn harmful in your case! How? Well because our body utilizes the protein it needs and stores the ‘leftover’ as fats! The more fat means more trouble!

  • Not taking enough sleep: People deprived from quality sleep have more tendency to gain weight, a study says. Scientifically, taking good sleep is very important for our body. Particularly for the ones keen to slim down. Basically, poor sleep led to the overproduction of a hormone called, ghrelin. The hormone is responsible for increasing hunger and is also linked with weight gain. Thus, one must ensure to sleep well for at least 7 to 8 hours a day.

  • stressTaking too much stress: being concerned about your weight gain problem isgood,taking actions to fix is better, however, taking excessive stress about is bad!Yes, stress, no matter if it’s related to this, or any other problem can be the reason for your failed, weight loss attempts.Research suggests that stress can led to the overproduction of cortisol.Cortisol, the hormone is believed to increase food cravings, particularly for the junk!  Thus, one must ‘sort’ stress at the earliest and seek means to avoid it to the greatest. Stress relieving therapies and exercises are some proven ways that can help in easing. Besides, you can involve yourself in activities that keep you happy!

  • Not moving enough: Remember, our body burns calories while we perform physical activities. More physical activities mean more burning of calories. Thus, while you aim to cut the excess pounds from your weight, increase your motion. It is better if you perform exercises for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.Exercises, like strength training exercises are proven boost metabolism. Thus, seek advice from your fitness experts.

  • Take juice in breakfast: There are many juices that increase your blood sugar. As a result, your body starts making insulin in glut. More insulin then increases your appetite which makes your crave more for food. So, the more food you take, the more calories your body receives.

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big weight loss mistakes

Top Weight-Loss Mistakes

These are some commonly made, weight loss mistakes that stop your body from responding to your weight loss efforts. Simply avoid these to increase your likelihood of losing more weight.

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Getting back to what we have been discussing earlier, motivation! It times, it has been observed that many people start with great enthusiasm, however, their motivational level tends to decline with every passing day. Indeed, motivation is extremely important, however, what’s more important is staying motivated till the end, that is, to the time you succeed.

To help you stay motivated and going, we have come up with some very useful tips. These tips are said to be the secret of successful weight loss! These will not just help you stay focused, but will also make your journey more fun and enjoyable! See Kim Kardashian Weight Loss

The 7 Best Tips For Losing Weight This Summer

So, lets begin to see how effective and useful these can be in keeping our motivational level and spirit high!


note down your goalsBefore you start with your actions, pen down your goals! Writing what you want can help you remember that you are on a mission, the mission to a slimmer body. Psychologically, the approach can help you stay connected and focused on your objectives.

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However, before penning down your goals, you should realize the need of realistic goals! Realistic goals are what, which are possible to achieve, in the given circumstances.

While you make goals that are easy to achieve, your motivational level will stay higher. How? Well, because you will have the faith in yourself to accomplish these! On the contrary, unrealistic goals mostly cause discouragement in the end!

Example includes:

  • I will work to drop 12 pounds in a month.
  • I will be taking healthy foods and fruits.
  • I will exercise for 15 minutes a day.
  • I will avoid junk, as much as I can.

As you can see, these are all realistic goals, easy to accomplish!

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Slim DownThis is one proven way to keep yourself going and focused! Of course, everything we do; does for a reason. However, penning down the reason why we aim to get a slimmer body can keep us encouraged throughout.

While we remember the reason why we are struggling, we will stay motivated to continue our actions for long.

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Just think why you wish to get in shape. After determining the cause, write down!

For example:

  • I wish to get in shape to fit in my favorite pink dress.
  • I want to slim down so that I can get noticed by him/her.
  • I want to shed my extra weight so that I can look much younger.

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weight loss pictureLike the prior, this is another proven way to keep your self motivated throughout the phase.

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Before you start with the shredding process, take pictures of yourself that is, of your body.  Stick these images in your diary if possible.

Now, as you start with your efforts, take your pictures every week to judge the difference in the previous and the current pictures.

The ‘difference’ in both the images, is what will keep you going and motivated for you will actually experience the pleasure of your hard work!

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Make sure health is all around you. That is, your refrigerator and kitchen is filled with healthy foods and vegetables. You read and watch all about health.


slim bodyYes, because in the end, you are a human. As said, you do not need to overstress yourself for losing weight. It is completely fine if you go light! By this, not only you will be able to maintain your focus, but will also enjoy the cutting process overall.

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You can eat something you like, occasionally, as it will not create a major impact on your weight!

Plus, you can also visit your best friend’s birthday party and treat yourself for the hard work you have doing since long!

However, you need to remember that eating in moderation is the key to a slim body.

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At time, your body may respond extremely well to your efforts. However, at some point, it may stop responding at all. In case like this, you do not need to worry and stick to your efforts with the same level of enthusiasm.

Weight loss plateau is normal and common, thus, do not worry and think of changing your strategy.


You need to renew the commitments you have made to yourself, more often. This will keep you stick to your plans, in terms of healthy eating exercising and all.

So, these are some motivational tips that will keep you on the track till you succeed. Good Luck.

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